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He has been on the cutting edge of his profession for decades. He was the first to utilize clear braces, first to utilize braces on the inside of the teeth, and is an elite provider (the only one in Northwest Georgia) of Invisalign® (clear plastic trays).

Dr. Farrar utilizes the simplest, most patient-friendly appliances: no expansion appliances with keys to turn, no screws placed in the bones, no obtrusive headgears, no Herbst appliances, etc.

He welcomes the opportunity to provide a free consultation and encourages you to get a second and third opinion. He feels confident in his ability and the comfort level the staff provides on your first visit. Twenty thousand of your friends, family, and neighbors have selected the “Farrar orthodontic experience”.

Dr. Ruchir Patel DDS, MS

I have great memories about my childhood and teenage years. I remember spending lots of time playing chess with my parents. My father, a surgeon by profession, not only exposed me to the benefits and satisfaction that one can achieve by being in a health care industry, but his entrepreneurial skills also made me value a field that requires innovative thinking, educative risk, and foresight. Orthodontics is a specialty field in dentistry that requires thoughtful planning and foresight. I cannot express the joy I experience of going to work everyday where I get to live my dream while giving all my patients a smile that they can cherish for lifetime!l


Georgia Association of Orthodontists
Southern Association of Orthodontists
College of Diplomates of the ABO

Dr. Kalpesh Thakkar DDS

I personally want to thank you for taking time and reading about our practice! I fell in love with the field of orthodontics in dental school at New York University where I saw how a beautiful smile can transform a person’s self-esteem and confidence in a positive manner. At West Cobb Orthodontics, we strive to provide the best possible patient experience that you will have, from your consultation appointment till the day you graduate from orthodontic treatment! I look forward to seeing you in our office at West Cobb Orthodontics and giving you a reason to “smile”!

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